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September 23: Video of Justin skateboarding at Venice Beach today.

"We had a little bit of a wobble when the tour was initially announced. We’d put out some promo saying there was going to be a big announcement, and then when we revealed our plans for the stadium tour there were a few people snip-ing at us, saying it was ‘One Big Disappointment’, a few negative comments online. Obviously, we’d been a little anxious that we could sell out such massive venues, so that was a bit of a worry. Then my phone rang and it was management. I assumed they were going to say, ‘Sorry, Zayn. You’ve over-reached yourselves, I’m afraid. Looks like we aren’t gonna sell these places out. We might need to downsize. It was too much of a jump after all. You’ve got to go back down to arenas for a few more years.’ But in fact they actually told me that instead of playing one Wembley Stadium gig we’d need to play three ’cos it was all sold out! That’s One Direction fans for you – the best in the world."
Zayn, ‘Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography’ (via zayns1d)
Chris Martin dedicating a song to Harry Styles Viva La Vida
Chris Martin dedicating a song to Harry Styles
Viva La Vida

Chris Martin dedicating Viva La Vida to Harry at The Theater at Ace Hotel Downtown, Los Angeles, Sep. 17
This is for our young friend Harry, wherever you may be.” x


sometimes you just need to lay on the floor and do nothing for three years


The way she looks at him (2011-2014)


that awkward moment when you dont know the difference between the mexican and italian flag……..



let’s play “who can eat all their popcorn before the movie even starts”


following back tons


"hey step away the stove"